Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ellie is 11!

 A morning of presents!
 A houseful of Ellie's favorite people!
 And a favorite meal!  Not bad for a Sunday birthday!
 Ellie & Savannah
 Emily & Ellie
This is after she tried blowing out her candles!  Not a single one was extinguished!  I love that laugh!  (Try #2 worked!)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Other California activities

 Our stop at the Ritz for water after our walk to the beach had to include a fire hydrant picture, of course!
 Back to the beach for swim time.  It was colder than Ellie & Ty expected.
 Max was chilly too!
 Grammy gave the youngest grandkids the greatest gift this year, a trip to Build - A - Bear!  But you must go to the best so we went to Downtown Disney with 2 floors of stuffed animal mayhem!
 Max picked a blue dinosaur to stuff.
 Ellie, a horse of course!
 Bath time
 Dress up time
 Thanks Grammy & Pops!
 Here we are with our treasured friends!
 Max then took "Blue" to see the cool Legos store.
Here they are, happily home in Utah, Max took their picture!

Ronald Reagan Library

 Mark asked for this trip to the Ronald Reagan Library for Christmas.
 It didn't seem too bad to me, any excuse to head to California!
 We had a great day at the museum with family.
 Here is the entire gang in front of the Berlin wall.
 I'm glad we were able to go, thanks for a good idea Mark!
And thank you President Reagan!


 After the ice castles we went to warm up with Wassail while we waited for our table for dinner at Zermatt.
Max & Reagan weren't very hungry since they snacked on the gingerbread house (oh, that was only Max)!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ice Castles in Midway

 I know, they look fake in this first picture!
 This is while we were waiting in line & it got dark.

 boys will be models someday!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Barbers come to play in the snow

 A gorgeous Deer Valley day
 turns into a chilly Deer Valley afternoon!
 A wild group of lasertaggers!
 I believe Openshaws won!

 Skiing with Max at Sundance.
 This is what he was like all day!
The other skiers did much better!

The lights at temple square

 The kids of the Openshaw/ Woolf/ Lewis clan.

 The parents

 Our attempt at a family photo
 Ah, there is the temple.
 The kids just played in the snow the entire time!
 Crowded but still gorgeous.
 Our post walk down time.

 Thanks Julia & Julie, we love you guys!
 Goofy teens!
 Tanner was the hot chocolate man!
Mike helped build the largest snowman ever!